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photo: gaya feldheim-schorr

photo: gaya feldheim-schorr

Stephen Boegehold is a drummer and composer based in New York City. In addition to leading his own bands, he has self-released three albums: “A Telling of Death” (2016), “Shared Realities” (2017), and “Way of Dreams” (2017). Invested in a career centered around collaboration, he maintains an active performance schedule with ensembles such as Nick Dunston’s Atlantic Extraction and the David Leon Trio. He has shared the stage at home and abroad with musicians such as Michael Attias, Kris Davis, Francois Moutin, and Laurence Hobgood. As a founding member of Polyfold Musical Arts Collective, Stephen also works to build musical community through collaborative concerts and workshops. Find out more about Polyfold at


Drawing from his surroundings in New York and his upbringing in the musically and socially diverse Detroit-area music scene, Stephen seeks to both find and question the connections between adjacent modes of music and philosophy. His own music often acts as an investigation into the commonalities of different approaches to music and life.

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