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Stephen Boegehold/Michael Attias/Yuma Uesaka/Jessica Ackerley @ the bushwick series 9/16/19

"La Operación" composed by Nick Dunston, performed live at Roulette (Brooklyn, NY) on June 4th, 2019. Stephanie Lamprea, soprano voice; Noah Becker, alto saxophone; David Leon, alto saxophone; Nick Dunston, double bass; Ben Rolston, double bass; Lesley Mok, drums; Stephen Boegehold, drums; Filmed by Wolf Daniel. Edited by Davy Lazar.

Alex Levine Trio performs "Earth is an Alien Refuge" from the album The World of Real Things. Alex Levine, guitar; Ben Rolston, bass; Stephen Boegehold, drums

Recorded February, 2019 at WDNA Studios, Miami, FL David Leon, alto saxophone; Lowell Ringell, bass; Stephen Boegehold, drums



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